"Fertle Bremm will not only be remembered as a trusted colleague and friend, but as the bold Crawdac who sat down with our enemies and forged the bonds that have enabled our species to survive in this new land."

- Barm Nep in speech to Crawdac delegates.

Fertle Bremm was a Crawdac anthropologist. While enslaved to the Zemu' Nul, Bremm had been a personal servant and assistant to Guma Ni'ni'tik, a ZN scientist who studied and catalogued foreign species. It was while serving Guma that he developed his love for other cultures. After the ZN were forced to abandon their outpost on Keyo Bremm helped establish the Crawdac society in Carfe. He was their first official diplomat and his knowledge of foreign customs and cultures in Keyo enabled the Crawdacs to forge production relationships with their neighbors. While exploring the Xoarun in search of ZN artifacts Fertle Bremm disappeared and has not been seen since.