"Oh the Xoarun is not uninhabited. Not by any stretcth of the imagination. The dead call those wretched tunnels home and everytime some brave explorer or misguided fool enters that cavern the Xoar's population grows."

- Arinda Shaman

The Xoarun is an underground stretch of land ranges from the shores of Green Limb Coast to the core lands of Keyo. Many stories surround this mysterious place, some based in fact, some in fiction with few foolish enough to try to cyphon the truth from the tales. Rumored to have been a tunnel system used to transport and torture slaves its said that many dark spirits reside there now. There has been much desire to map it through out history since its tunnels are believed to lead to many areas of Keyo and would be an immeasurable asset to any warlord. Despite these talks few individuals who have dared enter the Xoarun have lived to talk about it and most of those who have were reduced to babbling, terrified lunatics. Even those who came back of sane mind refuse to talk about what they had seen in the Xoar. Its one of Keyo's last great mysteries.